Why I love Twitter

I have learned so much from Twitter in the last few months; it is so much more than a social networking site  Really easy way to do research:  type in the subject you are interested in, i.e. massage.  Narrow down if necessary, i.e. therapeutic massage.  I don’t follow anyone until I check out their recent tweets, i.e. I don’t want to know what someone had for lunch, just looking for information.  Another suggestion is to type in the name of an organization and see who they follow and check out some of those sites.  Most organizations follow other professionals or organizations and many are worthwhile at least checking out. 

I have been on FaceBook for several years now, and there is absolutely no comparison.  Twitter by nature is brief and concise, but you can expand or click on link or video for more information.  Absolutely love it!. 

These are two accounts which I post to and try to give valuable content and not waste people’s time.  My massage/health-related tips are at @paulinesmassage.  

I have been working at Merle Norman Day Spa in Casa Grande since last year and also post beauty tips from the Merle Girls of Casa Grande @MerleNormanCG.  Also includes some videos from www.merlenorman.com and www.casagrandedayspa.com

Check them out and post comments below.

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