Rest and Relaxation

Rest & Relaxation:  Be kind to your body – take time to relax:

SLEEP:  Most bodies need 7-9 hours sleep a night.  Be sure to get the correct amount of rest your body needs to feel rested and be productive the next day.  Read, listen to a meditation CD or music that relaxes you if it is difficult for you to get to sleep.  If your mind is racing, try focusing on a word such as: peace, sleep, healing, or any word you choose.  If your mind wanders, return to focusing on your word..

DAILY: Take computer breaks every hour (screen breaks every 20 minutes); an hour lunch break away from your work area

Practice daily stress relief by choosing one or more of the following:

Meditation or yoga

Practice deep breathing techniques several times a day to improve circulation.

Listen to relaxing music

Take a relaxing bath (Epsom salts optional)

Find what works for you

WEEKLY: Take 4 (or more) hours to do something fun, i.e. a movie, a drive, go to the park, etc.

MONTHLY: Take a day to do something fun for yourself:  a spa day, plan a day with friends, go to the park, get a massage, etc.


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