Remembering to Breathe…

Deep breathing sounds simple:  always with you, don’t need equipment, doesn’t cost anything.  Many of us already know that even ten deep breaths can help reduce stress, improve circulation and blood flow.   Unfortunately, in stressful situations, many of us tend to shallow breathe or even hold our breath.  So how can we “remember” to breathe when we are in such stressful situations?  Below are a few suggestions:

Post “BREATHE” reminders on screen savers, on your phone home screen, and on post-it notes (BREATHE) placed in desk drawers, your purse or wallet, on the dashboard of your car, and other strategic places that you might see when you are stressed.

Get creative – design your own poster or picture that will remind you to breathe and fit into your office or work environment; the more personal it is, the better it will work.  For example, since breathing is good for your heart, use a heart sympol to remind you to breathe.  Other symbols could be a picture of plants, the sky, a relaxing outdoor picture, or the words “Just breathe”.

Do you have a picture of a place or something that relaxes you when you look at it?  Post the picture where you tend to get stressed.  For me, just looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon or the Shenandoah River (where we used to vacation) relaxes me and I automatically breathe deeper and easier – without even consciously thinking about it.

These are just a few suggestions that have worked for me.  I welcome other suggestions related to this topic; however, unrelated advertisements for online businesses will not be posted.

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