Make your own Antibacterial Products

It is very easy to make your own natural antibacterial hand soap and/or sanitizers using essential oils; I have been doing this for years.  Below are some examples:

For a hand soap, you can start with a good quality, pure as possible hand soap (I personally use Dr. Bronner’s unscented Baby Mild Liquid Soap).  My personal preference is to dilute the soap with 50% good quality water (RO, filtered or pure spring water); however, this is not required. I then add about 20 drops 100% pure tea tree (or melaleuca) essential oil. I am not crazy about the somewhat medicinal (to me, not everyone agrees with this) smell of tea tree oil, so I prefer to add lemon or lavender essential oil to mask the tea tree smell. I just add as much as I need to add so that it smells pleasant to me. All three of these essential oils have strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

For hand sanitizer, I prefer witch hazel (an herb), but sometimes I use rubbing alcohol, depending on the use.  You can use it straight or mix with water and add essential oils as described above. 

There are many cleaning products and/or sprays you can make using a base of a few tablespoons of vinegar in water; I personally prefer organic raw apple cider vinegar.  I usually add lemon to cleaning products, but the beauty of making your own is that you can add whatever you want. 

The reason I wrote this post now is in response to the article below this post about new research on a potentially dangerous ingredient in antibacterial hand soaps and other products – see New Research on Antibacterial Hand Soaps (below). 

There are articles published every day and unfortunately sometimes results can be slanted by researchers.  The reason I decided to respond to this particular article is because there are many, many products on the market with potential dangerous chemical ingredients.  We may not find know for years or decades about ingredients that are in the products we use today.  I personally prefer to make my own products whenever I can because I know what ingredients I use, and hand soaps and sanitizers are so easy to make.

Also, did you know that the term “All Natural” actually means at least 51% of products have to be all natural; however, a product  labeled “100% All Natural” does mean 100% all natural.  Unfortunately, there are some products that have a few ingredients that may be wildcrafted but cannot be labeled 100% all natural.  Therefore, I seek out companies that use the best most natural ingredients they can get.  More on that later…

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