Lavender when traveling

Due to travel restrictions since 2001, I take only three* natural remedies with me when I travel; one of them is 100% pure lavender, another is a lavender blend (with olive oil) that has multiple uses. These are a few of the many ways I have used it.

Calming and relaxing on the plane: a few drops on each wrist before or during flight.

Insomnia – especially with jet lag, sometimes hard to get to sleep when traveling


Sunburns (usually the spots I missed using as sunscreen). For easy application, add aloe vera, water to a spray bottle with lavender: refreshing and healing on a sunburn. NOTE: This suggestion is for minor burns only; seek medical attention for severe sunburns.

Insect repellent (I usually travel to Baltimore or Florida – many bugs!)

Insect bites and stings (again, usually the spots I missed with the repellent)

Even scorpion stings!! For me, 100% lavender took the swelling down in seconds, pain relief after several applications. Be sure to seek medical attention if necessary, especially if baby scorpions or if stings are near chest/heart or other organs that may become numb or paralyzed.

Burns (minor) – 100% pure lavender. Seek medical attention for severe burns.

* The third remedy I travel with is Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy. These three are also the three I have on hand in my medicine chest at home as well. More info on Rescue Remedy/flower essences to follow

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