Epsom Salts – not just for aches and pains

The benefits of an epsom salt bath for aches, pains, as well as muscle recovery, are well known by many athletes – but who knew an epsom salt hand or foot soak could contribute to general wellness?

Epsom Salts contain only two ingredients and are all natural – magnesium and sulfate.  Sulfates help to flush toxins.  Magnesium helps regulate enzyme activity in the body, and doctors warn that lack of this mineral can contribute to high blood pressure, heart problems and other health issues  Source:  Epsom Salt Council website.

As a massage therapist, often when I suggest an epsom salt soak, my clients tell me they do not like to soak in a tub.  No problem:  try an epsom salts hand or foot soak by dissolving one cup of epsom salts in a tub of warm/hot water and soak either your hands or feet for 20 minutes.   I personally have found even a 10-minute foot soak to be rejunvenating when my feet are tired.

If you have chronic aches and pain and have not tried an epsom salt soak, do yourself a favor and try it.  Your body will thank you.

P.S.  there are new epsom salt products on the market with additives.  Try the basic epsom salts first;  then if you wish to try to fancier (and more expensive) products, you have something to compare with.  In some cases, these additives are not all natural – read and understand the labels.

For more information on epsom salts, including garden and beauty uses, visit the Epsom Salt Council website.

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