ABOUT Pauline

Pauline Staeheli, LMT, LST

Pauline’s fourteen years experience include three years at a local pain center in east Mesa.  She combines massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy, EFT and more for a therapeutic session customized to your individual needs.  No stranger to pain herself, Pauline experienced spontaneous healing after living more than sixteen years in chronic pain from a whiplash injury.  She became a licensed massage therapist at the age of 52, and today she is not only an instrument of healing but teaches her clients natural ways to relieve stress and pain between sessions. If you are looking for a therapist who understands pain and cares about her clients, call, text or email to schedule an appointment.

LaStone certification training (LST) completed with LaStone founder, Mary Nelson.

LaStone combines hot and cold stone therapy for geo-thermal therapy, which can support the body’s healing ability.


Pauline received her aromatherapy certificate and completed the 500-hour massage program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2002; in 2004, she graduated from the 1000-hour massage program.  In addition, she has taken advanced continuing educations classes in reflexology and incorporates reflexology into each therapy session, based on each client’s needs..